How To Buy A New Car At The Best Possible Price

If you are in the market for a new car, you should thoroughly understand how to buy a new car before visiting any dealers. For most people, buying a new car is the second biggest financial purchase they will make and there are a lot of things to consider. First, you have to make a decision on the brand, model, overall quality, options and affordability of the vehicle. It is crucial for the prospective buyer to thoroughly check the quality and fitness of the car before deciding to buy it. Though many cars look attractive, they might not be the best car for someone to buy due to insurance costs, gas mileage, passenger room and/or cargo space. All of those things need to be considered before purchasing.

In addition to choosing a specific model, the finance situation needs to be considered to avoid making an expensive mistake. Use online car loan calculators to help you figure out what price range is affordable for you. Do not ask a car dealer what you can afford, as he will usually try to put you in a more expensive vehicle to increase his profits. Always shop around for car loans before you buy new car online so you will know what rates are available based on your credit score. That will also help you avoid attempted financing overcharges at the dealer.

After you have figured out what you can afford, start researching vehicles online to find out which ones fit your criteria. Remember to research gas mileage and insurance costs, too. When your initial online research is done, you should have a list containing no more than five or six different models. Now it's time to visit dealers -- for test drives only. Do not even think about buying at this stage, no matter what the dealer tells you. (Don't fall for the "that price is only good for today" trick.) After road testing every car on your list several times, you should have a pretty good idea which model you want.

Using the Internet to get free new car price quotes is a major part of how to buy a new car at the lowest possible price. Without leaving your home or place of business, you can get lots of free, no obligation price quotes for the vehicles on your list. Then you can use the lowest quotes to negotiate better deals at the other dealers. When your negotiations no longer produce lower prices, you have probably arrived at the best possible deal. Compare the final price to the estimated dealer cost from your research, and if the negotiated price is a lot closer to dealer cost than it is to the sticker price, you have a winner. All that's left to do is sign the paperwork at the dealer, give the vehicle a thorough pre-delivery inspection, and drive home in your new car.

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